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MENAGERIE consists of..
:Vocals: David Humphries
:Vocals Guitar: Michael "Budsy" Budworth
:Bass Guitar: Todd Gregory
:Lead guitarist: Justin "Crab" Craig
:Drums: Jamie "Jimmy" Kerr


     Menagerie rose from the ashes of the band of the same title who, at the time, were about the only original musical outfit in Gilgandra.

 After the split of the original group Justin ”Crab” Craig, the lead guitarist/main songwriter, hooked up with friend and fellow musician Michael “Budsy” Budworth (who would take on vocal duties) and tried to keep the band moving. But, with a lack of available musicians in the area this made it hard.

    Incedently Todd Gregory had purchased a bass guitar and was picking it up quite fast when he met Crabs girlfriend and she suggested the two should met and have a jam. Todd ended up joining Crab and Budsy and the reforming image seemed to take off from there.

    Jamie “Jimmy” Kerr moved to Gil in December of 1998. He became a bit of a bar fly at the local Royal Hotel and this being Budsy’s place of employment at the time led to their meeting.

   The two discussed music and life and it turned out that Jim had played drums in a number of bands in Tasmania and Victoria.

   The four had a meeting in early “99 decided to keep the tag “Menagerie” and organized their first jam.


The debut E.P from Menagerie "Growling splash monkey" Out now through selected stores and


   Towards the end of 99 and start of 2000 Menagerie started experimenting with a lot more sounds and ideas to further their originality. Budsy started to become concerned with his vocal range and what the rest of the band was after in means of style.

    As luck would have it Dave Humphries had just moved to Gilgandra and attended the same party as Todd one weekend.

 The two got talking and the subject of music came up. Todd, misunderstanding what Dave had told him (he told him he made up some words to a guitar riff his brother had come up with), went back to the band and told them of this new “vocalist”. They asked Dave to come and try his hand at singing for them. After a few jams Dave finally got the confidence up and started to sing anything that would come into his head. Mostly being anger and vengeance filled lyrics the group knew then it was time to make Dave an official member of Menagerie.

   Now with Dave on main vocals, Budsy Backing him up and playing rhythm guitar, Crab processing most guitar sound effects, Todd bringing in the low end and Jim keeping the beats Menageries sound had become as full and original as ever.

     Since releasing their debut EP, “Growling splash monkey”, in August of 2000. The band has continued to play as many shows as they can and are building a strong following in the area.

    Now recruiting Pete Veness as co-manager Menagerie are trying their best to let the rest of the world hear their musical creation and make it as influential as possible.