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Instructions for use of this package
Thank you for downloading this package! Registration and upgrading is covered in a latter section of this readme. These applets are highly configurable and easy to implement. Included are a couple of .html-files that show different configurations for each applet. Try them out and play with the parameters, then "Cut and Paste" from the examples to have them up and running within a couple of minutes!

Package version: 1.40
Fixed a vital issue with Netscape, causing poor browser performance. The fix also helps in MSIE.

New for this version is the use of .jar-files. Now, only one file is needed per applet and download-times are reduced. Look at the examples to see how the new files are used.
You can now use these applets free of charge with limited features! When unregistered the applets have a static link to www.durius.com and all linking features are disabled.

Applet instructions:

System requirements
Any browser with a Java Virtual Machine v1.1 or higher.
Netscape 4 and MSIE 4 feature this.


When uploading, place the .jar-file anywhere, the protection is based on where the referring html-document resides. If you place the .class files in a subdirectory of your registered URL, you must include a codebase statement in the html. An applet tag with a codebase statement might look like this:
<APPLET WIDTH="150" HEIGHT="151" ALIGN="BOTTOM" ARCHIVE="SomeApp.jar" CODE="SomeApp.class" CODEBASE="MySubDir/">
<PARAM NAME="blah blah" VALUE="blah">
The applets will also work locally. When used locally, the .class-files must reside in the same directory as the referring html-files. This is because of the security restrictions imposed by Java 1.1. If you registered a site license, the applet will work anywhere within the domain that you specified.
Here is an example of using your regcode:
<APPLET WIDTH="230" HEIGHT="230" ALIGN="BOTTOM" ARCHIVE="SomeApp.jar" CODE="WaterpApp.class">
<PARAM NAME="reg" VALUE="58701298">
Some servers have not yet been configured to handle jar-files. If this is the case you can upload the corresponding class-files instead. See the specific applet-instructions for details of which class-files to upload.

Registering & upgrading

The registration of an applet entitles you to any upgrades or optimizations that we make to this applet. The latest version is always available on the Durius homepage. Current pricing is listed there.


This entire package is Copyright of Durius. You must treat the software like any other copyrighted material.
This software is provided "as is". All express or implied conditions and warranties are disclaimed.
This software may be distributed freely on any media as long as the files are distributed in their entirety.
You may not alter this software in any way whatsoever.
You may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise reduce this software to a human perceivable form.
You may not modify, rent or resell for profit this software, or create derivative works based upon this software. You may not publicize or distribute any registration code algorithms, information, or registration codes used by this software.

Contact information:

Bug reports, suggestions and comments are always welcome!
E-mail: info@durius.com
web: www.durius.com